Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Butter on the Popcorn?

Now working just plain sucks in the first place, but working in a movie theatre has to be the worst (save for being a dishwasher). I don’t work at a normal movie theatre that shows all the good movies, I work at the IMAX theatre with the six story screen.

Normally the IMAX shows documentaries and short films, but every once in a while we get a full length film. Right now we have ‘The Polar Express’, which is a good movie the first 10 times you see it, but when it is the only movie playing and it plays about 5 times a day you can get real sick and tired of the damn thing. I can say all the lines for the last 20 minutes of the movie.

I’m not a people person in the first place, but get 400 people crammed inside a theatre lobby, with a long ass concession line, and it is getting close to the movie’s start time and all those people start to bitch and moan about how long it is taking for everything to go. I really don’t feel like getting fired at this particular moment so I try to explain that we are not staffed for this amount of people. They don’t listen to my explanation and just continue on, at that point I just leave and get back to work.

Our concession is so overpriced it is even funny, when someone orders even a small popcorn they are shocked at the three dollar price tag. Then they bitch about how slow we are when we are going as fast as we can to get everybody’s orders done. Usually it is the person ordering that takes forever because they don’t know what they want. How hard can it be, we only sell popcorn, coke, and candy.

When we let our customers into the movie we hand them 3D glasses, which we clean after every use. You would think that if you felt something damp on the glasses you would assume that it would be water. Nope, when someone feels wetness on their glasses they immediately turn to me and complain that their glasses are wet, I tell them they have just been washed and they shut up and move along. I really hate the people who inspect their glasses right in front of me to make sure they are clean, and if they don’t pass their inspection they assume I will hand them another. I take the glasses from them, look them over, tell them they are fine and to move along. That really pisses them off. Most of the scratches and water dots on the glasses aren’t even noticeable once the movie starts. I loathe the people who bring back their glasses broken. I’ve gotten to the point where I charge them five bucks for a new pair, I made almost fifty bucks one night. I’m not even going to start on the people who want glasses for their one year old.

After the movie lets out we have an announcement that tells everybody to exit out the back. Do the people listen? Not really, we still have a few who try but get told to go up. Then you got the old people who ‘can’t walk up the stairs’. How did they get to their seats in the first place? Then the cleaning of the theatre takes place. I don’t get it, you wouldn’t leave your food and spilled drinks all over your house, so why do you do that at a movie theatre? Do you completely forget courtesy when you enter a theatre? I wish I could slap every person who leaves their shit laying on the theatre floor.

I almost forgot the soundtrack, the thirty minute soundtrack that plays over and over. I’ve heard the same Christmas songs 16 times a day for the last two months. I am close to losing my fucking mind. I really hate it when I hear the songs in my head after I go home from work.

I hate this job, but it’s a paycheck and I need the money.


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