Monday, July 14, 2008

Well! Easter Sunday was fun. I woke up at like, 8:30, and the Easter Bunny had come! I got Yahtzee! and the new John Mayer CD. Well, it's not new, but, you get it. Heh. And then Steve made bacon and french toast, and around 12:15ish, my aunt and uncle came over. We had ham, potatoes, roasted vegetables, aspagaragus, and some other stuff. So yeah. Around 4, I went to Bryce's, I brought him an Easter basket. Haha. It's fun. :-D I bought him some seeds, like, uh..jalapeno and green pepper seeds, cause those are the only vegetables he'll eat raw! Hah. And I made him a key chain, but it's kinda ugly. Hah. But yeah. I felt bad, his mom was like, "Did YOU get her anything?" And he's like, "No...", and she's like, "Ugh, you're SO inconsiderate!". I was like, "oh, no, he's very considerate!". Hah. I felt bad. Poor kid. I 'member last year, I painted him a plate, and I think he knew I was sad cause he didn't get me anything, so he and his mom went out and bought me stuff from Bath and Body Works, and left it for me to find in my room, I thought it was so romantic. Hehe. Hah. But yea!

I have to work on math, English, Speech, and yea...I have to do my speech tomorrow, I think?, and I have a math test on Wednesday, and an English project on Thursday and Friday. So yea! *groans* So, I'm going to go, but I'll write more later....


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