Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Argh its at times like these that i wish i was smoking again.
I went to pay the school dinner money bill when i picked up the kids. Gaby showed me a letter in her bag and told me how her teacher had told her off for not having her packed lunch.
But i hadn't told the office to sign them over to packed lunches yet? Sir had talked about it with me and had said how it would be easier if we kept them on hot dinners, even if it was more expensive in the long run.
On the letter was written that i had authorised Gabs to have packed lunches as from today. Confusion and madness reigns. So now both the kids are on packed lunch. Which meant i had to go into the town to buy all the gear. Lunch boxes and flaskes stuff. AND all the ickle food that you put in the lunch boxes. I forgot tin foil so i just hope against hope i got enough for sarnies in the morning!
Sir wont be pleased.
Gabs was desperate to have a PS2 game .. Ratchet and Clank or something, and it was on the buy 2 for ?30 rack. That was it for me i was hooked. Never take me shopping in a bargin basement! So i picked up Lord Of The Brown RIngs, Two Towers game for PS2 for myself (ish).
Tally wanted a chicken that shat eggs.
We all went away happy ;)
Oh except.. i was at the whole in the wall and it bloody well swallowed my bank card. No more writing out cheques for me.


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