Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Having a semi productive day

Thoroughly washed the kitchen and utility room floor which was disgusting. Now however i keep almost slipping over. Will have to call in the grit lorrys just to make a cuppa.
I managed to organise the kids packed lunches today. Without a hitch too. Am i becoming more grown up at last? More able to cope? It did seem easy.
I even got the kids in to school so early that i parked up and walked across, letting them play before the bell went. Ok admitedly i was trying to get ready early enough to walk it, but still. Normally im five minutes late. Lets hope its the start of a new more efficient me.
Ron's comments are very addictive. I'm finding it hard to tear myself away! Damn internet and its easily accessable fun and games ;)
Still Fag Free! Day ooo 14 ish? I really ought to just look back at my previous posts and check the date.


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