Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Yay! So, for the past two days, our internet has been down. So this morning, Steve went to get a new modem. Well, after connecting everything, it STILL didn't work! What the fuck?! So then, I called Road Runner, because I knew if my mom or Steve did it, they'd get confused. Heh. So yeah. But now it's up! I had to talk to this guy who was really hard to understand. But, he helped, so it's great.

Courtney, Brea, and I went to Hanson last night! Hehe. It was actually pretty fun. We got to the parking garage, and Courtney forgot the tickets, so we had to go home. The opening band, Ingram Hill, was really good. They're kinda rock countryish, and the lead singer is super hot! Haha. I got his autograph. Hehe. Anyway...I work today from 3-8, and it sucks, because it's going to be slow as hell. But I think Justin is managing. Hehe. So yeah. I'm going to turn in my two weeks soon. My mom told me she's getting depressed about me going to school, and I feel bad, because I think I am too. It's not good.

But yeah, I gotta run! I'll write later.


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