Saturday, August 04, 2007

So...I work today from 11-8. Good god. I'm not looking forward to it, at all. Yesterday I worked from 3-8, and it went by really fast. I was the only server on at 3 til 5, and I totally got slammed! It kinda sucked. But then things settled down. Kayla and I both gave our two weeks notice, heh, so that's nice. Hopefully, Lesley won't flip out. That'd suck! But yeah.

My mom can't find my birth certificate, and in the same folder, my proof of citizenship!!!! NOT GOOD!!!!! I wasn't born here (obviously), and so it's not like I can go to some hospital and get it. Heh. So yeah. I'm not very happy and I know my mom isn't, either. Hah.

Yesterday night was fun. I was so exhsausted, though. I went to Bryce's, and we just kinda hung out. I got my lap top yesterday, too. It's pretty awesome. More heavy than I thought, but it's pretty tight. I'm excited about it.

Anyway. I gotta run for now, I think I might stop somewhere and grab a bite to eat. But IDK where. Anyway. "Peace out, a-town"...


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