Monday, October 09, 2006

Super Success Stories

Erin Matson, 25
Youngest president of a state chapter of the National Organization for Women, Minnesota

TAKING ACTION: At age 7, she advocated for her first cause: whether or not to declaw the family cat. "I've always [taken] action for things I believe in. I went on to write articles about sex discrimination for my high school newspaper."

SECRET OF SUCCESS: "I set my alarm clock on weekends. Yuck!"

Liz Funk, 17
Youth organizer

TAKING ACTION: When Liz couldn't find a group in her school that promoted a positive body image for girls, she started one. This group went on to help her stage a successful protest of MTV in Times Square in New York City. Ironically, the protest was aired on MTV.

SECRET OF SUCCESS: "I don't watch TV, and I study like a maniac."

Amita Kulkarni, 18
Youth Council chair, American Red Cross of Northwest New Jersey

TAKING ACTION: "Through my volunteer work with the American Red Cross, I've become passionate about [preventing] measles and HIV/AIDS. I [now] want to pursue a career in medicine. I've learned that people my age really can make a difference:'

SECRET OF SUCCESS: "I prioritize everything I do. And if I don't have time, I won't commit."

Matthew Axelrod, 25
Country director, North Africa and Egypt, U.S. Department of Defense

TAKING ACTION: Axelrod credits his high school public speaking club for helping him develop the skills he uses daily in his job.

SECRET OF SUCCESS: "I help other people out. That way, they're more likely to help me if I need it."

Source: Career World, Sep2006


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