Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Already Whole

God save me
For my soul plunges
Without my permission.
I fell in love
With my distorted reflection;
Everything I’m not,
All that I need.

You make my heart beat
You make my heart break
For you, I’d make it stop.
That’s what my god will do
When I show my face,
Damnation for adoration,
Hardly a fair exchange.

How can you ask this of me
When another shares your blood,
Split down the middle
Sixty – forty.
I can’t risk it all
When you’re fractured.

I stagger, cough,
I carry my life in my hands
Bleeding, beating, ripped
From my body.
I lay my love before you,
But you
You brought a lock of hair,
An eyelash, two,

Is that what I am?
I brought what you are;
My love, my life.
And you shuffle your feet
Look around coyly,
Pretend not to feel
The hot professions below you.

I’m your weeknight whore.
But I answer the call
Drive the distance
Every time.

I ache to spend every clock stroke
In your bed
Curled next to you
Just to breathe your air.
I have found my other half
But you’re already whole.

© j. Thompson


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