Sunday, August 06, 2006

Ali's Review: Heart of the Woolf

Heart of the Woolf

By: Kai Andersen

Published by: Loose Id

Length: Eight Inches. Read this story and you'll understand ;-) 142 pgs.

Ali's Report Card: A+

Adrienne Lee can no longer contain her carnal fantasies for her boss, Jake Woolf, behind her cool facade. And it's getting harder for Jake to hide his growing arousal for Adrienne, as well. Especially, when you add to the fact that he's and empath werewolf, and can both sense and smell her arousal. But is he ready for another relationship after the last time?
When working together on a project, Jake comes over to Adrienne's house and feeds more than her appetite for food. And while Adrienne doesn't mind sharing her body and bed with Jake, she'll have a harder time sharing her heart. Afterall, how will Jake handle it when he finds out she's into menage-a-trois?
When it becomes evident that someone is out to get her, Adrienne will question the loyalties of those she trust. Everyone around her seems to be hiding something, even her new bedmate.
Heart of the Woolf by Kai Andersen is a great suspenseful erotic romance. From the beginning of the story, it is filled with hot sex and chemistry between Jake and Adrienne. Jake is an alpha werewolf and because of his empath werewolf, has a kind heart. Right away his protective instincts kick in when he sees that Adrienne is in trouble. What more could a female ask for than a man who can read your thoughts and desires?
Adrienne isn't one to ask for help lightly. She's very strong and capable of taking care of herself, but realizes when to accept a helping hand. Especially when that hand belongs to Jake Woolf. Adrienne's fantasies liven this story up as you read about the predicament she's in when she starts to mix reality with fantasy.
The suspense in this story is edge of your seat. Just when you think you know who the bad guys are, Kai has found a way to change things up. Her writing leaves your heart pounding in the action scenes, both the sexy and suspensful ones. This story is the perfect mix of action, suspense and erotic romance.
And you'll just love how Jake deals with Adrienne's sexual need and the creative way he brings it to their bedroom. Oh, the ideas you'll get from this story, trust me they're good.
I have found another writer to add my list of authors to bug with my e-mails. Kai better be ready for me to start begging for her next Woolf story, as I'm sure you'll want to after you finish reading this story.
You can learn more about Kai Andersen and her stories at
Next from Kai will be Mine Over Matter, a release coming from Samhain Publishing, in November.


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